On Monday 14th January, four swashbuckling dare-devils from Badgers class leapt forth, heroically, to learn how to fence; joining children from our cluster schools at Brailes Village Hall.

The children spent an hour getting to grips with correct fencing etiquette and different kinds of swords, eventually graduating to plastic replica swords – the children were even asked to practice ‘lunging’ and ‘jabbing’ each other so they could get used to how it felt (and yes, all agreed that it did actually hurt!)

Finally, the children put all their newly-learnt skills and techniques to the test in a circuit of mini fencing tournaments where they came up against not only their classmates but children from all the other cluster schools as well. The absorption, concentration and commitment shown by all the children was outstanding and it was a pleasure to see newly-discovered talents and skills coming to the fore.

A wonderful time was had by all of them, fine new sword skills were learned and new friendships were begun, all thanks to participating in sport.

Other sports we will be competing in this term are: dodgeball, netball and quicksticks hockey, with even more fixtures in the Summer term.