The new Governing Body Instrument of Government became effective on the 1st January 2014.

Foundation Governors:

Mrs Lois Self (Chair)

Reverend Nicholas Morgan

Parent Governors:

Mrs. Kirstie Banner

Mr. Tom Bradford

Ms Marie Lacey

Mrs. Lynda Wiggins

Mrs. Kirstie Banner

Mrs. Rachel Locke


Mrs. Julia Chapman

Mrs. Heather Childs (Associate Headteacher)

Mr. Christian Hilton (Executive Headteacher)


Ms Debbie Smith


The full Governing Body meet at least once per term, with Committee meetings in between.

There are 3 committees:

Resources (Finance, Staffing, Buildings and Grounds, Health and Safety)

Performance & Standards (Pupil Performance, Curriculum, School Improvement)

Pupils, Parents and Community (Attendance, Christian Distinctiveness, Safeguarding, Uniform, Reporting to Parents)

The Governing Body can be contacted through the school office at In addition, Parent Governors¬† are often available on the school playground at the beginning and end of the school day. They would be more than happy to chat about any issues that parents would like to bring to the Governing Body’s attention.

The nominated governor for Safeguarding is Mrs. Lois Self.

The nominated governor for Attendance and Special Educational Needs is Mrs. Kirstie Banner.

Governing Body Business Interests 2015-16

Governor attendance & register of interest for school year 2016-2017