Shipston Primary School has been successfully teaching Relationships and Sex Education for the last few years using the Spring Fever scheme of work recommended by Warwickshire Local Authority. The recommended programme for Warwickshire Schools has been updated and has been renamed ‘All About Me’, however the content and structure is very similar to our previous SRE programme ‘Spring Fever’.

An outline of the sessions that your children will be following can be found below.

Sometimes there is a misunderstanding about what a relationship and sex education package might contain, especially when aimed at primary school children. There is the worry that children will lose their innocence if we give them certain information too soon. The evidence suggests that this couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, ‘All About Me’ is an evidence based package which progresses year-by-year to an age appropriate level. The programme is designed to be delivered across all year groups and builds in knowledge and details along with the children’s natural development and curiosity.

There are five key themes that run throughout the programme:

  • All about me
  • My relationships
  • Me and my body
  • My thoughts, feelings and behaviours
  • My choices and personal boundaries

Whilst these themes do cover the physical changes of puberty – the similarities and differences between boys and girls bodies, including giving the correct names to all their body parts (as we know this is a huge protective factor and helps to keep children safe) – more importantly, these issues are supported by a framework of lessons which puts them firmly in context and focuses on children learning the skills to form and maintain positive relationships, especially friendships, based on respect and empathy.

If you have any questions or would like to view any of the resources being used please do not hesitate to speak to your child’s class teacher.

Relationships and Sex Education Policy

Lesson Grid

Information for Parents