Our aims are intended to reflect our small school family ethos. We aspire to:

  • Strive to provide each child with an inspiring educational experience within our small family school community.
  • Value and care for each child, instilling respect for each other within a framework of traditional Christian values.
  • Set high expectations across a balanced and creative curriculum, giving every learner the confidence and skills to fulfil their potential.
  • Work with parents, carers and the community to nurture within learners the skills and values to enable them to achieve their best and make a positive contribution.

Our school vision:

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Our School Prayer

All children learn the words and actions of our school prayer which we say together in Collective Worship each day. This reminds us how special we all are to God and the ways in which we can worship him.

Two eyes to look to God

Two ears to hear His words

Two lips to sing His praise

Two feet to walk in His ways

Two hands to do His will

One heart to love Him still

O Lord Jesus let me be

Loving, gentle true to Thee.




Children and staff at Brailes School remembered those who fought in all wars and those families who were left behind, on the hundredth anniversary of the end of the First World War.

From beautiful poppy displays made by the children, to outdoor worship led by pupils, to Richard Adams from the Shipston branch of the British Legion promoting the Poppy Appeal and thanking the children for their generosity in years gone by, to updating our school’s book of remembrance, the school fell silent for two minutes on Friday 9th November to reflect and remember.


Thank You Vicar Week invites primary schools and parishes to celebrate everything their vicar does for the local community by holding a special service or assembly – with their vicar as star guest. The annual October event is organised by St Luke’s Healthcare for the Clergy, to show appreciation for the clergy and raise awareness for the charity’s work in supporting clergy health and wellbeing.

Children at Brailes School took part with enthusiasm for thanking our two vicars by making cards and leading a special collective worship where Reverend George Heighton and Reverend Jill Tucker were invited. They also wrote and sang a song dedicated to our theological leaders. We know how hard clergy work for our school and our parish, and what a difference to clergy wellbeing it makes when parishes and schools show their appreciation.


Primary school pupils and clergy in south Warwickshire united to lead a symbolic Cross of Nails service of peace, forgiveness and hope for the future at St. Edmund’s Church, Shipston-on-Stour on Thursday 4th October. A Cross of Nails dedication, prayers, song, reflection and Litany of Reconciliation were shared by School Council members from Newbold and Tredington C of E Primary School, Brailes C of E Primary School and Shipston-on-Stour Primary School in this special service as part of Coventry Diocese Centenary Celebrations which are taking place throughout the Diocese this year. Revd. Sarah Edmonds, Revd. George Heighton and Revd. Sarah Bourne lead and supported the children in the worship. During the service, the Cross of Nails was passed on from Newbold and Tredington C of E Primary School to Brailes C of E Primary School. As part of the Stour Federation Partnership with Acorns Primary School in Long Compton, pupils from both Shipston and Brailes Schools shared the carrying of the Cross of Nails back to Shipston Primary School after which it continued its pilgrimage to Brailes C of E Primary School for a community Harvest Festival service at St. George’s Church, Lower Brailes on Friday 5th October.

The Cross of Nails began its journey from school to school in January 2018 in the ruins of Coventry Cathedral. Brailes children continued the pilgrimage by passing the cross to Tysoe C of E Primary School on Monday 8th October (pictured above). The Cross of Nails’ central message of healing the wounds, forgiving the past, reconciliation, celebrating differences and working together to make a better future is a message which is so important to all in our communities.


As part of Bible Week, Badgers class focused on The Good Samaritan from the Gospel of Luke.  They wrote from the perspective of different characters in the parable.

Our Bible Week was thoroughly enjoyed by the children and staff.  Squirrels class learnt about the the story of David and Goliath. They acted out the story and retold it throughout the week. They also talked about the story and the giant Goliath in particular – the children had no idea what a 9 foot man would look like, so the class made one! Children measured his height and  used a massive sheet of cardboard to show the sheer size of the giant in comparison to them.

Parents and carers who came for our Bible Week Sharing Assembly thoroughly enjoyed it too!


July 2018 saw Reception and Year 1 focus on special places as part of their Religious Education and the children have focused on the church and the mosque and how they are used by Christians and followers of the Islamic faith. They even made our own model of a mosque, to look at the features that we might include on the outside as well as those inside.


Our Year 6 children at the end of their Leavers’ Thanksgiving Service.


A celebration of reconciliation concert took place at St. Edmund’s Church in Shipston-on-Stour on 24th June, involving children from Brailes School as part of a massed choir. The performance featured a specially-composed choral work, Cross of Nails by composer Andrew Atkins, as part of the Diocese of Coventry Centenary celebrations.

Andrew held workshops to talk with pupils about reconciliation, and he gathered material from these workshops to create his innovative composition – one of the songs performed was written by Brailes children! The Revd Sarah Bourne (curate at St. Edmund’s) also gave an assembly in school to raise awareness of reconciliation within communities, and she talked about the history of Coventry Cathedral and its ministry of reconciliation, with its three-fold emphasis on healing the wounds of history, learning to live with difference and celebrate diversity, and building a culture of peace. The children spent time in school rehearsing the songs and joined in a massed choir rehearsal with children from Shipston Primary, Ilmington C of E Primary, plus local church and community choirs.

Revd Sarah Bourne said, “It was a truly memorable occasion, and so many people commented afterwards on their joy at seeing all those children who sang with enthusiasm and clearly knew the Coventry Cathedral story as a result of our workshops and assemblies.”

Andrew Akins emailed Mrs. Childs to say “Your children were an absolute credit to you, not only with their singing but in their positive attitudes and fantastic behaviour – please can you pass on my congratulations to them all.” All involved are hoping that the opportunity will arise to perform the piece in the Cathedral at some point in the future. A selection of videos were posted on the Brailes Twitter feed https://twitter.com/brailesschool (no login required) and are on the school website.


On Friday 11th May, all children in Badgers took part in a morning music workshop lead by the composer Andrew Atkins.

After becoming familiar with ‘the singing position’, and warming up voices and listening skills through learning and singing a range of entertaining songs, Andrew taught Badgers one of his compositions, ‘Bird of Peace’. He was impressed by the speed in which the children were able to successfully sing in two part harmony.

Later in the morning, supported by Andrew, Badgers collaborated in groups to compose their own lyrics and melodies based on peace and reconciliation. Andrew recorded the children’s ideas, which he is now working on incorporating into a piece of music which he has been commissioned to write for the Coventry Diocese Centenary.

In Collective Worship, the children and staff were joined by Maggie Guy, who came to us from Sibford and spoke about her faith as a Quaker. It was a very enlightening time and the children were especially interested to hear that John Cadbury, the founder of Cadbury’s, had a been a Quaker. Ms. Guy highlighted the importance of kindness amongst Quakers and encouraged us to think about people we knew who were kind to us. It was lovely to hear how the children have been influenced by kind family members and friends. She also gave us some Cadbury’s chocolate to be handed out when acts of kindness are spotted in and around the school. We spent Thursday morning reflecting on the assembly and what we had learnt about Quakers.


The community of Brailes made a 3D model of St. George’s Church, Lower Brailes, to celebrate The Diocese of Coventry Centenary.  It joined to make a massive 3D map of all the churches in the Coventry Diocese, on display in Coventry Cathedral.

Rev. Jill Tucker led drama assemblies acting out The Last Supper and Palm Sunday.

The whole school visited St. George’s Church to experience the Stations of the Cross.  Thanks to the past and present clergy for manning each station.


A sense of peace moved through the classrooms of Brailes School as we welcomed Venerable Manapo, a Buddhist monk, who came to teach the children about his religion.

Manapo has served the Forest Hermitage monastery in Lower Fulbrook for the past nineteen years. Dressed in a robe he had made and dyed himself while on a pilgrimage in Thailand, he spoke to the whole school in a special assembly about the importance of being happy and the three basic teachings of Buddhism: generosity, not harming creatures and meditation. All children and staff took part in a short meditation session with some mindfulness and breathing. The children commented on how relaxed, calm, peaceful and sleepy they felt.

In classrooms, Manapo demonstrated how his monk’s cup filters out all the tiny creatures so they are not harmed, and explained how monks have no money and very few possessions, which is why they carry bowls for the public to donate food as they walk by.


Badgers class and children from Owls class have visited Coventry Cathedral as part of Christingle celebrations across the Diocese and for Badgers ‘Evacuees’ topic about the Second World War.


Every Christmas, families, villagers and visitors are encouraged to add a prayer or message to our Values tree.


Children and staff from Brailes School joined with friends and colleagues from The Stour Federation Partnership in creating a giant choir in the town square in Shipston to sing carols and officially open the Victorian Evening.



Across Brailes School, we remembered during Collective Worships lead by Richard Adams from the British Legion, Revd. George and through poetry, art, music and prayer. The whole school gathered around the school bell at 9.15am and in the cool autumn sunshine held 2 minutes silence following Alec playing the Last Post.

Our school were also honoured to take part in a special Remembrance service held at Winderton Church on Friday 10th November to remember the huge sacrifice made by two forgotten soldiers from Winderton in the 1st World War: Joe Spencer and Charlie Spencer. The Midlands Today reporter and camera crew saw Rev. George lead the service, with Alec playing the Last Post on the cornet followed by a Reveille after two minutes silence, while children laid wreaths and crosses. The Friday evening Midlands Today news bulletin saw Brailes children on television!


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Brailes C of E Primary School is a Voluntary Controlled school, which means that although the buildings and grounds are maintained by the County Council, we also proudly and actively maintain our historical links with St. George’s Church in the village. Through St. George’s Church we are linked with the Diocese of Coventry.

We visit church on several occasions during the school year, both for annual celebrations such as Harvest, Christmas and Easter, but also for curriculum visits and our end of year ‘Leavers’ Service’.

Canon Nicholas Morgan is a familiar figure to all the children, visiting weekly for Collective Worship.

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If you would like more information about St. George’s Church or the Diocese of Coventry, please click the links below.

St. George’s Church, Brailes   Coventry Diocesan Board of Education

As we are a church school we have a SIAMS inspection (Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools) as well as an OFSTED inspection. The school was last inspected on the 4th December 2013 and was graded GOOD. You can access the report by clicking the link. SIAMS Report 2013