School Council organised a ‘Break the Rules Day’ on Friday 25th May to raise money to support the work of an eye cataract referral project in Northern Nigeria. This small Christian charity is doing incredible work in Northern Nigeria to help to save the sight, and as a result, improve the lives of many people with cataract who would be blind without this help and treatment. The money raised will fund cataract operations for people in Northern Nigeria who do not have the money to pay for the treatment and after care they need in order to enable them to see again.

These are the rules that School Council has decided can be broken on Break the Rules Day:
Crazy hair day.
Non-uniform day.
Teach the teachers.
Bring in sweets and chocolate to eat at morning playtime.
Wear nail varnish / make up.

Children need to pay £1 for each rule they choose to break.



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