Since September 2015, Brailes Church of England Primary School has been working in closer collaboration with two of our neighbouring schools: Acorns Primary and Shipston-on-Stour Primary (Stour Federation).

By working together we are  able to strengthen our leadership team and build capacity, having an Associate Head at each school but overseen by an Executive Headteacher; save money by achieving economies of scale and, most importantly, raise standards for our children, who will benefit from shared expertise and specialist education provision and resources across all schools.

Brailes cannot officially join the Stour Federation as maintained schools and academies are not permitted to federate.  In addition, Brailes would have to convert to academy status to join the Stour Federation Multi-Academy Trust, which requires more detailed consideration.  Therefore we have formed a collaborative partnership for an initial period of two years, with Brailes retaining a separate governing body and receiving support from the Diocese and Local Authority.

Brailes, Shipston and Acorns is led by Christian Hilton as Executive Headteacher, who works across all three schools. Mr. Hilton is based at Shipston three days a week, and one day a week each at Acorns and Brailes.  Mrs. Childs is Head of School at Brailes, joining Mrs. Young (Acorns Head of School) and Mr. Roberts (Shipston Head of School) on The Stour Federation Partnership Leadership Team.

Each school continues to retain its own separate identity, uniform and admissions policy. However, behind the scenes we all work towards the common goal of raising standards together.

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