Below are our topics for the Summer term.

Curriculum newsletters will be sent home during the first week of the Summer term, containing information regarding topics and the programmes of study and expectations for each year group.

We have introduced an evidence-informed strategy in school to help develop children’s knowledge and understanding of the world. As in the previous half term, Key Stage 2 teachers will use a document in class called a ‘Knowledge Organiser’; this document will support the children by providing the essential facts and vocabulary they will need to know and understand for their current Cornerstones topic. We will send the Knowledge Organisers home before the topic starts so that children can share with parents and carers what they are covering in their new topics; please feel free to read the information together with your child. In school, children will be quizzed on elements of the Knowledge Organiser, with the aim that repetition and regular retrieval will help the children commit the information to their long term memory (learn by heart). Throughout the topic, this knowledge will assist the children when completing their written work related to the topic, and in the longer term, will help the children make links between concepts and themes they study.