The school’s Christian foundations and values encourage reflective and aspirational attitudes and attributes which guide all members of the school community to make positive choices and contributions so that all in the school community can live and learn in harmony. Values help people discover the very best of themselves and provide a moral compass for life in and out of school, now and into the future.

The schools core Christian values are: Respect, Trust, Forgiveness, Peace and Courage. These values, in addition to the values such as Wisdom, Humility, Compassion, Patience, Generosity and Kindness are explored through Collective Worship, within class work and through modelling and all members of the school community living out these values in all aspects of our lives in and out of school.

Values Tickets are awarded to pupils for good behaviours and school values shown in action within the school and wider community.  Values tickets earned are put into a values box. At the end of each term a raffle is held in which all the Values Tickets awarded that term are entered where children have the chance to win a £10 book token.