You can order our school uniform by going directly to or clicking on the Shop icon above. You will need to register and create your own username and password.

To avoid ordering the incorrect size and then having to pay for the return post, pupils can try on samples of the uniform at school to determine the correct size required as sizing differs from one company to another.   Delivery is made free of charge direct to school on the second and fourth Monday of every month or to your home within 5 working days for a small delivery charge.  If you do not have access to a computer, you can pick up an order form from the school office and order by post paying by credit or debit card.

Girls – light blue polo shirt (Reception and Key Stage 1) or white shirt and school tie (Key Stage 2), grey skirt, pinafore or trousers/shorts, blue sweatshirt or cardigan, white socks or grey tights, black shoes (not boots).

Girls Summer – light blue gingham dress or gingham playsuit, blue cardigan, grey or white socks, black shoes (not boots).

Boys – light blue polo shirt (Reception and Key Stage 1) or white shirt and school tie (Key Stage 2), grey shorts or long trousers, blue sweatshirt, grey socks, black shoes.

PE and Games – Blue T-shirt, navy shorts, pumps/trainers (a warm tracksuit and football boots/trainers are required for winter months).

Children in Reception need wellies.

Also available although not compulsory are blue book bags, sports kit bags, showerproof reversible fleece, cap and beanie hat.

Please make sure all items are labelled clearly.  No nail polish or jewellery other than stud earrings should be worn to school.  Earrings should be removed for PE and Games lessons.




The results from the school uniform questionnaire, which all pupils and parents were invited to complete during the uniform consultation period, have been collated and discussed by the Governing Board and the following decisions agreed by Governors.

Parents overwhelmingly wanted to be able to purchase school logo uniform online. This has been agreed and details will be sent out to you soon confirming how uniform can be purchased online.

The majority of parents and pupils preferred the school badge with a red cross, so this change has been agreed and the new logo will be used on all future school sweatshirts and cardigans purchased.

The decision on whether to introduce ties was tricky as the parent vote was exactly 48% wanting ties and 48% not wanting ties and 4% not minding either way. This 50/50 split also occurred when governors voted. However, pupils voted overwhelming for ties to be introduced. Given the clear pupil voice, the Chair of Governors has decided that ties will be introduced as school uniform for children in Year 3-6 from September.

The choice of tie colour was evenly split. The tie will be blue and red with narrower silver stripes.
The majority of parents and pupils preferred white shirts, white shirts are therefore confirmed.
Pupils and parents overwhelming wanted   girls to still have the choice of wearing non logo ‘supermarket ‘ cardigans as well as the introduction of the school logo jumper cardigan. This has been agreed as has girls being allowed to wear grey shorts.

Informed by a majority vote from parents and pupils, PE T-shirts will now be blue and parents will be able to buy a whole PE kit set with logo T shirt, bag and shorts or a logo PE T-shirt separately and navy blue shorts purchased from else-where.

All the changes mentioned above will be staged in from September 2016. As children grow out of existing school uniform, the school logo uniform available for purchase will reflect this change. We must stress that there is no need for families to replace school uniform immediately, unless they choose to do so.  There will be a transition period throughout all of next year when children can wear their existing school uniform. With the exception of the logo t-shirts for games and KS1 and jumpers and jumper cardigans and ties, all other items of school uniform will remain the same and can be purchased from any supplier.  As already stated, we will let you know how to purchase the logo items online very shortly.

Many thanks for your support, understanding and patience during this uniform consultation. It is important to carry out the democratic process properly. Thank you for sharing your views and opinions.

Uniform Summary  – Changes from  September 2016 (as new uniform is purchased)

  • All logo uniform will be available to purchase online
  • New jumpers/ jumper cardigans with  new school logo with a red cross
  • Ties for Y3-6
  • White shirts Y3-6
  • Girls can wear logo jumper cardigans, ‘supermarket’ cardigans or logo jumpers
  • Girls can wear grey shorts
  • Blue T-shirts for PE and games
  • PE kit in a bag available for purchase