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Believe: Shine as a light (Philippians 2:12)
Belong: Walk in the light (John 12:35)
Aspire: Let your light shine (Matthew 5:16)

Courage Compassion Curiosity

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Christianity in Action

Our aims are intended to reflect our small school family ethos. We aspire to:

  • Strive to provide each child with an inspiring educational experience within our small family school community.
  • Value and care for each child, instilling respect for each other within a framework of traditional Christian values.
  • Set high expectations across a balanced and creative curriculum, giving every learner the confidence and skills to fulfil their potential.
  • Work with parents, carers and the community to nurture within learners the skills and values to enable them to achieve their best and make a positive contribution.

The school’s Christian foundations and values encourage reflective and aspirational attitudes and attributes which guide all members of the school community to make positive choices and contributions so that all in the school community can live and learn in harmony. Values help people discover the very best of themselves and provide a moral compass for life in and out of school, now and into the future.


The schools core Christian values are: courage, compassion and curiosity These values, in addition to values such as respect, wisdom, humility, patience, generosity, service and kindness are explored through Collective Worship, within class work and through modelling and all members of the school community living out these values in all aspects of our lives in and out of school.

Our School Prayer

All children learn the words and actions of our school prayer which we say together in Collective Worship each day. This reminds us how special we all are to God and the ways in which we can worship him.


Two eyes to look to God

Two ears to hear His words

Two lips to sing His praise

Two feet to walk in His ways

Two hands to do His will

One heart to love Him still

O Lord Jesus let me be

Loving, gentle true to Thee.