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Believe: Shine as a light (Philippians 2:12)
Belong: Walk in the light (John 12:35)
Aspire: Let your light shine (Matthew 5:16)

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International Cross of Nails School (ICONS)

Brailes is proud to be a member of the International Cross of Nails School (ICONS) network in partnership with Coventry Cathedral. ICONS is a growing network of primary and secondary schools – of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds – around the world, that have recognised the opportunity for introducing principles of peace, forgiveness, conflict transformation and reconciliation into their school communities.


As an ICON School, we embrace these three themes:


  • Healing the Wounds of History.
  • Living with Difference and Celebrating Diversity.
  • Building a Culture of Peace.

In Y5/6 Art and Design Abstraction and Distortion Innovate, the children have used communication and creativity to show their understanding of the ICON themes through abstract art.


In my picture I have used a cross with hypnotism lines in it which represents people getting carried away in things they shouldn't do. I have also got a tree behind the cross with all the branches reaching and touching to represent people growing, linking and developing.

There is a sunset to show as the day goes on we should stay strong and not lose our minds and to make sure we find peace within ourselves and be proud of who we are. There is also a bird which is meant to be a dove to show hope and peace. I have included symbols which represent people's ideas and how different they are. I have a heart at the bottom with a wiggly line in the middle to show peace and hatred and which one we should choose.


The centre of my picture shows people united as one, different coloured skin hand in hand. In the flames, the burning ashes say ‘Father Forgive’ as humans all make mistakes and can do wrong, and we need forgiveness and help to put things right, to say sorry and to repair things.

Symbols are so powerful, it's like God loves us, no matter what. People’s religion, faiths and different beliefs are important. Our world is full of differences which make our world a wonderful place.

I have included eyes as a focus in my work. Your eyes can be heroes or not, it is always your choice how you react to things. The mouths are to show what you say can knock people down or build them up. My painting celebrates differences and that everyone is unique. Working together, there can be peace in our world. We all have free will to choose how we respond, to choose our desires, to be who we really are. This brings peace.