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Believe: Shine as a light (Philippians 2:12)
Belong: Walk in the light (John 12:35)
Aspire: Let your light shine (Matthew 5:16)

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Total Recall


Expectations by the end of:

Reception – Turquoise, Purple,  Orange, Yellow,  Red

Year 1 – Green

Year 2 – Pink, Bronze, Rainbow

Year 3 – White, Silver, Gold

Year 4 – Black, Polka Dot, Blue

Year 5 – Zebra, Tiger, Leopard.

Year 6 – Halves, Quarters.


Rainbow badge – Time
Aimed at Year 2 National Curriculum and above, children need to recall: –

  • Days in a week and the days in order.
  • Months in a year and the names of months in order.
  • Number of days in each month.
  • Seconds in a minute.
  • Minutes in an hour.
  • Hours in a day.
  • Be able to (when shown a clock face) to tell the time to 5 minutes including quarter to/past.
  • Convert 12hr clock to 24 hour clock.


Polka Dot badge – Shape
Aimed at Year 4 National Curriculum and above, children need to recall: –

  • Name and describe 3D shapes – cone, cylinder, prism, pyramid, cube, cuboid, sphere, hemisphere and tetrahedron.
  • Using the terminology: face, edge and vertex.
  • For 3D shapes children will be asked to match a shape to its name or be given a name and give properties,  e.g. cone: 2 faces, 1 edge.
  • Name and describe the properties of 2D shapes including different types of triangles and quadrilaterals.
  • Using the terminology: regular, irregular, parallel, vertex (vertices), sides and angles. For example, when given an image/name of a shape e.g. rectangle children will need to be able to recall 3 properties, e.g.  it has 4 sides, parallel sides are equal, it has 4 vertices and 4 right angles.